The List Of The Magnificent Saints !

Zippy the Pinhead
This Page Is Devoted to The Many Saints of The Church of Gerbil. They are recognized and rewarded for contributions, voluntary or involuntary, and/or great service to The Church of Gerbil.

The Messiah

Hacim Niuglo - Founder and Mountain Recluse AKA BlockHead Unky Xenon

The Twelve Opossums

Ynot Nadroj - Computer Pope and Voice of the Masses
Sirhc Renirg - Battle Pope with 24 inches of love.
Essej Noslen - Jester Boy
Evets Cisiburg - 1/2 Croatian 1/2 Tuvan at heart.
Tnerb Munrab - Man of many talents.
Nave Gib - Texas Surf God. Frizzlefry.
Robert Paredez - Mr. Emotional with pencil.
And Five Others Whose Names Have Been Lost To The Ages

High Priests and Other Revered Creatures

Nave Gninnarb - Give me back my panties... I don't love you anymore.
Ymerej Oduav - Scary Meat Eating Hermit Man
Loki Lust - BFG (Big Fucking Guy)
Sivart Zednanreh - Lord Random
Eoj SerdauQ - Tick

Holy Animal Saints (Batman)

Chinchilla The Hun and His Wild Albanian Biker Hamsters - Death, destruction, cedar chips: Since 900 AD
Harvey The Wonder Hamster - Weird Al's Furry Friend
Hakeem The Wonder Gerbil - RIP (Cruzifiction)
Herb The Humongus Hamster - Godzilla's Arch Enemy
Mrs. Brisby and the Rats Of Nimh - Holy Cousins
Floreta the Cow - RIP (crawdad dissection victim 1993)
Bob The Albino Chicken - Alive and well, with two useless six guns.
Chernobyl Fried Chicken - He does chicken BRIGHT!
Dingo The Immortal Dog- Damn near RIP (can't hear, see, or move)
Dinky The Immortal Butt Spinning Dog - RIP
Snowball I II III IV V and VI - RIP
Midnight (A.K.A ChurchHill) - RIP
Toby the Dobey - RIP
The Tick - Spoon

People Saints

Zippy The Pinhead - O.S. (Original Sainthood)
Neas Htiarblag - Bishop of Florida and Surrounding Small Nations
Poorman - We still love you (KILL KROQ)
They Might Be Giants - I want to raise my freak flag.
The Pixies - Nice Shirt.
Mr. Pink - Still Alive. (you can't prove it to me, don't try)
Elvis - Uh huh huh
Zog - that blue guy.
The God of Comfortable Footwear - Talk about mudflaps my girl's got 'em.
Thrakazog - I Arthur
Shaka Kahn - Shaka Kahn
Mr. 80's Man - Video killed the radio star.
Bukowski - RIP
DSJ - Second half of the unholy alliance.
MN - Concubine of the supreme prophet.
Silverstein - Uncle Shelby
Buroughs - the immoral immortal.
Dr.Suess - Cat in the red fish.
Jerome - Spawn of Satan turned army mormon.
Wilhelm Declerq - Retired - RIP
Eliminate Polygamy -
Frank Zappa - Help I'm a Rock. RIP
Weird Al - Nature Trail to Hell (Uber Croat)
Bermuda Schwartz - The Beat behind YODA
Dr. Demento - The doctor is in.
Trent Reznor - King Nothing
Waits - Independant as a hog on ice.
M - Talk about. Pop Music.
Branden R. - Fire headed and new and improved! (complete with big red beard)
Justin R. - Perverter of the innocent.
David Macaluso - Movie Guy RIP
Luke M. - Bilbo the dirty SB hippie.
Scott Stone - Stinky Cheese Man
Kamy C. - Interesting. Provocative.
Katie K. - The first to be converted over the internet.
Justin V. - Gimp in training.
Doug D. - He lived with the beast.
Isosolies/Buzz McCoy - Founder of the East Coast Branch.
Nicole D. - Long time follower and Queen of Cup O' Noodle.
Bryk - Graphics, warez, and a good band.
Shana - We told you so.
Ryan Nelson - RIP - His head is filled with lead, yet is as light as a balloon
Josh K. - Provider of the nectar of life
Patrick B. - He calls.
Kevin Smith & Veiw Askew - Oooh Mini-trucker magazine
Mike Watt - Pedro and Pillow Tags Forever.
Kevin - is a monkey
Lucian - Vagabond Inn
Eric P. - is a Ho emeritus
Thomas R. - rice god and mystic Jedi of Student Affairs
Myk M. - Ungarn
Tom Lotze - Dance the night away
Spaceghost, Zorak, Moltar, and Brak - what can we say
Richy (Dicky Moe) - some crap
Daniel - Ask Jeeves
Stevie G. - Chris's Mom
Dovi - huka
Talia - Tali-Moe
Ellise - Bottle Rocket
David Weintraub - Jello Prophet
Kevin Keller - Jello Prophet Too
Leaf N. - Archbishop of Dark Elves
April and Robert Anderson - The government is Nazis.
Lindsey H. - Code Orange

These are the saints only at the present moment this list will be updated as more saints are canonized

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