The List Of The Magnificent Saints !

Zippy the Pinhead
This Page Is Devoted to The Many Saints of The Church of Gerbil. They are recognized and rewarded for contributions, voluntary or involuntary, and/or great service to The Church of Gerbil.

The Messiah

Hacim Niuglo - Founder and Mountain Recluse AKA BlockHead Unky Xenon

The Twelve Opossums

Ynot Nadroj - Computer Pope and Voice of the Masses
Sirhc Renirg - Battle Pope with 24 inches of love.
Essej Noslen - Jester Boy
Evets Cisiburg - 1/2 Croatian 1/2 Tuvan at heart.
Tnerb Munrab - Man of many talents.
Nave Gib - Texas Surf God. Frizzlefry.
Robert Paredez - Mr. Emotional with pencil. MIA (if you know this man EMAIL ME NOW!)
And Five Others Whose Names Have Been Lost To The Ages

High Priests and Other Revered Creatures

Nave Gninnarb - Give me back my panties... I don't love you anymore.
Ymerej Oduav - Scary Meat Eating Hermit Man
Loki Lust - BFG (Big Fucking Guy)
Sivart Zednanreh - Lord Random
Eoj SerdauQ - Tick

Holy Animal Saints (Batman)

Chinchilla The Hun and His Wild Albanian Biker Hamsters - Death, destruction, cedar chips: Since 900 AD
Harvey The Wonder Hamster - Weird Al's Furry Friend
Hakeem The Wonder Gerbil - RIP (Cruzifiction)
Herb The Humongus Hamster - Godzilla's Arch Enemy
Mrs. Brisby and the Rats Of Nimh - Holy Cousins
Floreta the Cow - RIP (crawdad dissection victim 1993)
Bob The Albino Chicken - Alive and well, with two useless six guns.
Chernobyl Fried Chicken - He does chicken BRIGHT!
Dingo The Immortal Dog- Damn near RIP (can't hear, see, or move)
Dinky The Immortal Butt Spinning Dog - RIP
Snowball I II III IV V and VI - RIP
Midnight (A.K.A ChurchHill) - RIP
Toby the Dobey - RIP
The Tick - Spoon

People Saints

Zippy The Pinhead - O.S. (Original Sainthood)
Neas Htiarblag - Bishop of Florida and Surrounding Small Nations
Thomas X 2 - host host
Emery George Beneby - A God Among Men
Mr. KABC - Switzerland
Poorman - We still love you (KILL KROQ)
They Might Be Giants - I want to raise my freak flag.
The Pixies - Nice Shirt.
Mr. Pink - Still Alive. (you can't prove it to me, don't try)
Elvis - Uh huh huh
Zog - that blue guy.
The God of Comfortable Footwear - Talk about mudflaps my girl's got 'em.
Thrakazog - I Arthur
Shaka Kahn - Shaka Kahn
Mr. 80's Man - Video killed the radio star.
Bukowski - RIP
Davida Schoem Jordan - Second half of the unholy alliance.
Melanie Nagy - Concubine of the supreme prophet.
Silverstein - Uncle Shelby
Buroughs - the immoral immortal.
Dr.Suess - Cat in the red fish.
Jerome - Spawn of Satan turned army mormon.
Wilhelm Declerq - Retired
Eliminate Polygamy -
Mickey and Mallory Knox - Melts in your mouth, Leaves blood on your hands.
Frank Zappa - Help I'm a Rock. RIP
Weird Al - Nature Trail to Hell (Uber Croat)
Bermuda Schwartz - The Beat behind YODA
Dr. Demento - The doctor is in.
Trent Reznor - King Nothing
Waits - Independant as a hog on ice.
M - Talk about. Pop Music.
Branden Rishel - Fire headed and new and improved! (complete with big red beard)
Justin Robinson - Perverter of the innocent.
David Macaluso - Movie Guy RIP
Luke Miller - Bilbo the dirty SB hippie.
Scott Stone - Stinky Cheese Man
Kamy Cole - Interesting. Provocative.
Katie Kauffman - The first to be converted over the internet.
Justin Vaudo - Gimp in training.
Doug Diego - He lived with the beast.
Isosolies/Buzz McCoy - Founder of the East Coast Branch.
Nicole Davis - Long time follower and Queen of Cup O' Noodle.
Bryk - Graphics, warez, and a good band.
Shana - We told you so.
Ryan Nelson - His head is filled with lead, yet is as light as a balloon
Josh Kerns - Provider of the nectar of life
Patrick Briggs - He calls.
Kevin Smith & Veiw Askew - Oooh Mini-trucker magazine
Mike Watt - Pedro and Pillow Tags Forever.
Kevin - is a monkey
Lucian - Vagabond Inn
Eric Perlman - is a Ho emeritus
Thomas Riordan - rice god and mystic Jedi of Student Affairs
Myk Melez - Ungarn
Tom Lotze - Dance the night away
Spaceghost, Zorak, Moltar, and Brak - what can we say
Richy (Dicky Moe) - some crap
Daniel - Ask Jeeves
Stevie G. - Chris's Mom
Dovi - huka
Talia - Tali-Moe
Ellise - Bottle Rocket
David Weintraub - Jello Prophet
Kevin Keller - Jello Prophet Too
Leaf Nunes - Archbishop of Dark Elves
April and Robert Anderson - The government is Nazis.
Lindsey Horwitz - Code Orange

These are the saints only at the present moment this list will be updated as more saints are canonized

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