XXX- 1 and 1/2 chi-chis 3 Xs and a house full of fun!
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Welcome to the Chi Chi Chi (XXX) homepage! XXX is a service orientated Greek System Fraternity dedicated to what we believe are the three crosses in life: Jesus, the Red Cross and similar organizations, and the railroads. We are an equal opportunity Fraternity which means that we accept all people regardless of race, creed, and thanks to Title IX: sex. We are not your common Fraternity, in fact we are just about the most unique Fraternity on the face of the Earth, which is why we think you will want to join us. We believe that the path to true happiness lies with XXX and that you can never have too much of the three crosses. Please stay a while, learn who we are, how we got here, and why we like XXX so much!!


XXX was started on June 9, 1901 by three men from different backgrounds and a love for the common man. It all began when Richard Carnegie, a relative of railroad baron Henry Huntington and iron maganate Andrew Carnegie, inspired by his relative's charity work decided to use some of his fortunes to start a honor/service organization. He soon met with Richard Barton, a relative of Clara Barton, founder of the Red Cross, and Richard Sayten, son of baptist minister. The three Dicks soon discovered the illustrious and noble backgrounds of one another and felt that the coincidence was too much to leave to luck and had to be a sign from a higher power. These brave and noble men decided that XXX was the best representation of their cause; the Triple X, being a symbol for Christ, the Railroads which helped open the country to settlers and helped the North win the war, and the ultimate service organization, the Red Cross. Within a decade the three Dicks could be found campaigning for prohibition, against prostitution, promoting virginity and a deep love for the clergy and Christ himself. It was then that XXX began to grow.
In 1936 Richard Carnegie fell ill and passed on, the two remaining Dicks felt a second wind and began promoting XXX on every street corner, when they were chased off by naysayers they campaigned for XXX in churches, movie theaters, and bookstores. By 1950, XXX had become immensely popular, ranking 2nd in a national survey of college age men's favorite hobbies, this trend continued until the mid 1960's when the hippie free love movement all but completely drained XXX of its membership. In the age of the STD however, XXX has once again risen in popularity among youth looking for a safer lifestyle. It is for these youth that this page is meant. We are always looking for new recruits to help spread the word through XXX literature and films. If you are a service minded youth please consider following the three Dicks to the path of righteousness, XXX.

Current Projects

XXX is currently involved in numerous service orientated projects. At the moment many of these projects are video and internet related as we believe that the Internet is a prime vehicle for the dissemination of XXX literature and beliefs. We are currently deeply involved in a project in conjunction with a local public access television station to develop and produce a line of quality children's programming. All shows will be filmed at our own XXX studios and we are currently seeking auditions from young boys and girls for participation in these films. If you are or if you know a young child ages 7-13 who wants to be in movies please send mail to
Our other current projects include out tutoring center and our XXX outreach program. In this program, one of our fraternity brothers or fellow Kappa Kappa Kappa sorority sisters takes a young child under their wing and exposes them to the XXX community. We hope that by starting with the young roots of the community we can help it grow into a good place where Triple X values are kept dear to the heart and everybody lends a helping hand.

How to become a member

At Chi Chi Chi the only requirements for joining are a deep love for the community (especially the children) and a firm belief in the Triple cross of XXX. we expect every incoming member to have completed 30 hours of community service with the young, to have given one gallon of blood to the red cross, to have sworn their lives to the teaching of the ways of Jesus Christ, and to have taken at least one train ride. Furthermore each applicant will be cross checked and tested for psychological disorders and a criminal record. Please bear in mind that we often work with small children, therefore, it is necessary we know your psychological profile as well as your criminal experience. Each applicant must also send one video tape in which each prospective member will perform his/her special talent. All tapes will become property of XXX and may be distributed as educational or promotional videos.
To fill out an application form, and find out if Chi Chi Chi is right for you please click here.

XXX Fun Facts

  • Former XXX members include Richard Nixon, Calvin Klien, Marion Barry, Rob Lowe, and ESPN's Marv Alpert
  • XXX Literature is the most widely requested of all Fraternity literature
  • In the last 96 years XXX members have logged over one million miles in train travels
  • In the last 96 years XXX members have given over 2 tons of blood to the Red Cross
  • Since 1970, XXX has made over 300 films 150+ of these introduced a child to his/her first acting experience
  • Since 1943, XXX has taken over 20,000 poor children off the streets and given them entirely new wardrobes
  • XXX has the largest Halloween Trick or Treat escort program for disadvantaged children in the country.
  • XXX has become widely successful in other countries, of special note are Sweden, Holland, and Japan
  • XXX and its sister sorority KKK have completed over 2 million hours of service since their creation

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